Your Researched Analysis Essay (due in Module 5) will require you to implement two sources (several are provided in this course’s Modules) in an analysis of Peter Benchley’s novel. The subject of your analysis is up to you. You may focus on aspects including:
Examining the influences and development of the novel
The impact and legacy of the novel
Character(s) Analysis (choose from: Martin Brody, Matt Hooper, Quint, Ellen Brody, or Larry Vaughan)
Themes of the novel (Man vs Nature; Corruption; Divine Punishment – etc.)
The following requirements for this essay include:
500 word minimum
Use of at least two outside sources
In-Text Citations (Novel & Sources)
Works Cited Page (Novel & Sources Used)
(Note: If a source appears on your works cited page, there must be a corresponding in-text citation in the essay!)
Heading & Page Numbers
Third-Person Only (No “I” or “You” statements)
Free of Major Grammatical Errors (Students are strongly encouraged to submit drafts to Brainfuse for review.)
Essays will be thoroughly checked for originality. Plagiarism will result in significant penalties.
You may seek out and implement additional sources not provided in the class. (No Wikipedia!!)

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