Essay Instructions, Grading, Finding Support, and TED talks
The essay consists of a critical analysis of the ideas raised in one of five selected TED talks listed
below. Start by listening to the talks that are of most interest to you or to all the talks to discover
which is of most interest. Once you have selected one of the talks, then you are to compare the
information learned in the course with the ideas presented in the talk as described in the Essay
Sections below.
Due date: 11:30pm . You will upload your essay on the course website. There is no grace period. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you
upload and submit the document prior to the last few minutes before the deadline. The
instructions on how to do this are provided on the website. The policy on late assignments is found
in the course outline.
Essay Instructions
File type and name: MsWord or PDF file. The file name is your name and ID number.
Length/Format: Excluding the cover page and references, the essay will be no longer than 7 double-
spaced pages,. The essay will be written in 12-point Times New Roman, and will have 2.5cm
margins all around.
Reference requirement: A minimum of 5 science-based references in addition to websites and
Essay sections:
1. Introduction: in-depth description of the TED talk you selected. Add depth to this introduction
by consulting other documents (e.g., books) on the topic that go beyond the talk and your
2. Critical Analysis: In-depth comparison of the similarities and differences between the ideas
presented and what you have learned and researched about child development. To do so, it is
best to break down the talk as a series of ideas or components. Analyze each idea/component
by assessing:
a. its theoretical standpoint(s) or its view of children;
b. what aspects of development are examined and why (e.g., cognition, learning, emotion,
environment, family);
c. evidence in support of the view(s) presented;
d. and make insightful criticisms (positive and/or negative) about each component.
3. Conclusion:
a. Concluding statements about the ideas analyzed.
b. What questions, theoretical or applied, need to be addressed next? Be specific.
c. Include concluding remarks that will provide closure to the paper.
In addition, the essay must include the following elements:
1. A cover page with the title of your essay, course number and section, your name, and id
2. A reference list of all sources cited in your paper

use this ted talk please

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