Students will be required to attend one support group/small group to observe and assess the leadership skills and the group dynamics. The students can attend any small group of their choosing, so long as the discussion is geared toward a particular topic and there is a clear leader. Support groups can be located online. Students should request permission from the group leader to attend prior to the group meeting, because some groups are open to anyone while some are not. Upon arrival at the group meeting, students should introduce themselves to the group leader as a student observer. If you choose to attend an AA or NA meeting, you might consider introducing yourself to the group as someone who is a friend or family member to and alcoholic or addict (most of us are). Following attendance at the support group, a written summary of the group meeting along with an assessment of the group leadership skills observed is required. The assignment will ask the questions below.
This assignment is due during Unit 5, so anytime you can attend the group between now and then would be idea. Make plans now! We are all busy, and finding time to attend a support group may be difficult for some of us.
The following questions are to be answered by the student to assess the group dynamics and group leader’s skills.
What was the name of, location, date and time of the group you attended?
Did the group leader seem prepared for the group? Knowledgeable? Competent and qualified?
Did the group leader or members make newcomers feel welcome?
Were the goals of the group clear?
Did there seem to be an agenda, whether formally written or spoken?
Did those participating in the group seem comfortable?
Did anyone in particular dominate the group? How did the leader respond to this?
Was the discussion flexible?
What was the seating arrangement? Was it comfortable? How did the seating arrangement affect how the group interacted?
Did the group leader learn your name? Did you feel important as an observer?
How did the leader begin the group? Did you observe any rapport-establishing behaviors?
How did the leader end the group? Was the ending effective?
What were the strengths of the group?
What were the weaknesses of the group?
If you were leading the group, what would you change?
Any other noteworthy observations?
How did this assignment benefit you? If it didn’t, explain why it didn’t.
This is just more of a participation on experience. Feel the need to find a youtube or video along the lines as if you was there to review and discuss. Thank you!

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