This assignment has been designed to help students develop basic skills in data visualization and to allow students to practice techniques learned in lecture and tutorial.
1. Required submissions:
a. ONE written report (word or pdf format, through Canvas- Assignment 1 Report Submission).
b. SEVERAL Python “.py” or Jupyter Notebook “ipynb” files (through Canvas- Assignment 1 – Upload Your Program Code Files).
2. Length: The main text of your report (including everything except for possible appendices) should have a maximum of 10 pages in normal 12 point fonts and single line. For each Task, you should write a sufficient and complete report with necessary plots based on your visualization, methodology, analysis, insight and limitations, etc, when possible.
3. Numbers with decimals should be reported to the Fourth-decimal point in the report.
4. If you wish to include additional material, you can do so by creating an appendix. There is no page limit for the appendix. Keep in mind that making good use of your audience’s time is an essential business skill. Every sentence, table or figure has to count. Extraneous and/or wrong material will potentially affect your mark.

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