1. Contrast of Two Different Jobs or Career Fields
select two jobs/careers that are interesting to you. (You may select similar jobs or ones that are completely different from each other.) Then, you will focus on some of the differences between the two. Ideally, it would be differences that help you make a decision or identify your career path. However, you may choose any two careers, such as one you have now and one you would like to have in the future.
Please note that this essay is a contrast essay, not an opinion essay. In other words, the main part of your essay should focus on the differences, NOT your opinion as to what is better or worse. (Keep your opinion and preference or personal thoughts until the conclusion, but do not put them in the body paragraphs.) Remember, you are contrasting, so you should focus your body paragraphs on the DIFFERENCES only. Although you might start your introduction with some similarities, they should not be the focus of the paper. Organize your paragraphs clearly. Use the organization discussed in class – a point-by-point discussion of the subtopics for each body paragraph. (Don’t forget to put all one job first and then all of the other in each paragraph. See sample essays for models.)
Check your paragraphs for good unity. In addition, each paragraph should have a good development of ideas. Add support and explanation where appropriate. When you write, pay attention to transitions and connectors in your topic sentences and within your paragraphs.
Information that is not common knowledge (information that has to be researched) must be documented. All of your information should come from the following three sources. You should include about 3-6 documentations in your paper depending on what you need to research.
To find specific information, you should use ONLY THE FOLLOWING WEBSITES:
FOCUS 2 (log in on the LCCC website; directions are in Canvas)
O-Net Online (either linked from FOCUS 2 or separately) – onetonline.org
The US Bureau of Labor Statistics – bls.gov
If you use the EXACT WORDS, put the information in quotation marks. Then use the following form of documentation to indicate where the information comes from. It would look like this:
An English professor needs to “keep abreast of developments in the field by reading current literature, talking with colleagues, and participating in professional conferences” (FOCUS2).
If you use the ideas but you say it in your own words, you STILL NEED TO DOCUMENT the information. However, you will not use quotation marks. It would look like this:
An English professor needs to stay current on trends in the field and can do this by keeping up to date on reading, talking with other professors, or attending conferences (FOCUS2).
You will also need a Work Cited page. It will be a new page at the end of your essay. The only thing on this page will be the title of the page – Work Cited – (centered and with capitals to start each word BUT NO underline, bold, or italics) and the documentation ONLY FOR THE WEBSITES YOU USE. The correct format for the websites is written below. Please copy the information EXACTLY as it is written here, including the punctuation, capitals, and formatting. They should be in alphabetical order.
Focus2, Career Dimensions, 2021, www.focus2career.com/.
O*NET OnLine, 16 Nov. 2021, www.onetonline.org/.
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 22 Nov. 2021, www.bls.gov/.

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