a 600-800 word description on
why you chose your project
how the sociological topics relate to your project
how your project can help others understand your topic
proper citations for any referenced materials
8 sociological terms that we’ve discussed in class (terms from your textbook or anything from the lectures)
cite 3 academic outside sources (not the textbook)
how well you meet the above expectations
how well you demonstrate your knowledge of your topic by
using a minimum of 8 sociological terms in a way that is applicable to your chosen topic (use BOLD text for these terms in your paper)
properly defining the sociological terms you’ve chosen
applying sociological knowledge to your chosen topic
applying sociological knowledge to your chosen project
applying sociological knowledge to your understanding of the world
properly cite 3 outside academic sources
Sources and Citations:
You are expected to cite 3 academic sources.
These sources can be a government website, academic journal articles, or from PEW Research.
One of them MUST be an academic journal article. If you are unsure how to access these articles, please see me or visit the library.
You must properly cite these sources in-text and on a resources page.
You may use any citation format as long as you are consistent (APA, MLA, ASA, etc.)
For information on how to cite your sources visit the Purdue Online Writing Lab for some citation style choices, examples, and instructions.
You will lose points for not following the above directions
For refrence the book for this class is
Terrible Magnificent Sociology
Lisa Wade (Professor)

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