A case study assignment on suggestions on how to congfigure a company’s netowrk infrasturcture securely. This including specific analysis and recommendations regarding the the threat posed by ‘Conti ransomware’. A short report that concisely presents findings and recommendations.
The attatched file is the assignment. At the end of the document in the Format section it has “do not use 1.5 or double line spacing”, just ignore this.
Please be aware the references are counted within the word count and only a max of 6 can be used.
Hints / FAQS
You should write your report using a good depth of technical
detail. Assume technical jargon will be understood. Aim to demonstrate
your depth of understanding. Don’t get too wrapped up in the imaginary scenario
and “Mrs Potayto”, i.e. you don’t need to dumb it down or explain
very basic issues.
Keep in mind that one of the marking criteria is concision. When
reporting to management or board level, it is common to have to create a
briefing document that effectively communicates important and sometimes complex
issues in a short format. This is your aim.
The background information raises opportunities to identify and discuss
many issues. Your aim should not be to discuss every possible issue, but to
prioritise those that are of highest risk or most importance, based on your own
evaluation and judgment.
You may wish to make it clear which
issues are of most concern and dedicate a little more space to discussing them,
compared to other issues.
It is likely that you might identify an issue, spend some time looking
into it, but then decide not to include it, or present only selected
information about it. This is expected.
An abstract is not necessary. An elaborate title page (with lots of
words) is not necessary. A simple line at the top of the first page with your name
and student number is sufficient, followed by the three section headings as
outlined in the requirements.
For concision, consider using a mix of paragraphs and bullet points.
If you use a diagram you should not
consider it to be “self-explanatory”. You should explain and highlight key
messages that you intend the diagram to convey.
You can include a small number of
diagrams. Creating your own diagram, and customising it to the case-study, is
much better than copy & paste as way to demonstrate understanding.
If you copy and paste a diagram
without explanation it is impossible for an assessor to assess whether you
actually understand it!
Is there a recommended word count per
section? There is no right or wrong word count, but it might be worth balancing
the number of words against the marks available for each of the three sections.
Do I need to reword information that
I found online but didn’t cite in the report? It is important to express
everything in your own words, whether it is cited or not. Copying text from
elsewhere will count as plagiarism so take care not to do this.
The following topics covered in the lectures:
Introduction to Network Security
Security of Internet Protocols
Intrusion Detection Systems
Interconnecting Networks
Denial of Service
Network Configuration
Security Lifecycle

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