– can you please use uk academic style writing.
– The project should take you around 8-10 hours including reading, and your essay should be in the region of 3‑4 sides of text, plus any pictures, diagrams or equations.
-In your essay you should address one only of these application areas:
Land vehicle navigation (non-agricultural);
Aircraft navigation or aerial survey and remote sensing;
Offshore navigation.
Your essay should cover the following aspects of your chosen application:
• Historical and present-day use of GNSS in the application.
• How GNSS provides the required accuracy, and how any technical limitations of GNSS are overcome.
• Possible alternatives to GNSS positioning, and the benefits/disadvantages of using GNSS.
• How the use of GNSS in the application may develop in the near future.
• One or two detailed case studies of the use of GNSS in the application, its benefits and challenges.
Note that CEG1705 is a technical module about GNSS; therefore you should be sure to address technical as well as general issues of how GNSS interfaces with your chosen application.
A good starting point for reading would be back issues of Geomatics World, GI Magazine, and Inside GNSS, available in the library and/or online.

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