Case Study:
An old school Ice cream shop that was quite popular in the neighborhood for many
years, is suffering huge loss because of the opening of a nearby supermarket that
hosts a variety of ice creams in their freezer section. The ice cream shop was once
popular for their unique flavored ice creams but they are unable to predict the
supply and demand causing many customers to get disappointed because they go
of stock every so often. The owner of the ice cream shop is your friend and asks
you for advice to resolve this problem. Take them through the SDLC phases and
present requirements, designs and a project plan for your proposed system to the
1. b. Decompose the system into multiple subcomponents and write requirements
for each subsystem.
2. Draw Entity Relationship Diagram for the proposed system based on the
requirements showing the Entities, Attributes and Cardinality between entities.
3. Draw Context and Level-0 Data Flow Diagrams for the proposed system based on
the requirements.
4. Develop a list of phases for this project and Prepare a Gantt Chart and Network
Diagram showing the timeline for each phase and also determine the Critical Path.
Prepare a packet in Powerpoint or PDF format containing the following:
a. Title of your project
b. Table of Contents
c. List the Methods for gathering Requirements
d. System Decomposition and Requirements
e. Entity Relationship Diagram
f. Data Flow Diagrams
g. Project Plan with Gantt Chart, Network Diagram and Critical Path
h. Conclusion (include any thoughts and learning)

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