consider the three tests collectively and complete the Individual Talents, Skills, and Strength Analysis Questions on and reflect on your overall findings. write answers to all questions in any form you choose.
1. Where do I fit in when I work in a team? What is my typical role when I work in groups? What do I like to do when I am a member of a team?
2. Do I cooperate with others, lead, follow, guide, advise, coach, strategize, and create?
3. Do I prefer the big picture, or am I a detail person?
4. Do I like to be the recorder in a team meeting?
5. Are there times when I tend to take a more active role? What is happening to make me take a more active role? What are the conditions that are present that facilitate my active participation?
6. Do I like to be the spokesperson for a group? Am I a good public speaker?
7. How do I handle conflict? Am I a peacemaker? A negotiator? Do I shy away from conflict?
8. How does my personality impact my work in a team? Do I tend to dominate? Or do I tend to allow others to talk, and I listen? Can I help the group distinguish between the important and trivial?
9. Am I an idea person? Do I share my ideas readily? Do I like to build on the ideas of others?

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