•Critical Review of an Article Form Task 1 equivalent of 1,000 words to support your emerging analysis of the research article
•Policy Brief Template Task 2 an analysis of 3,000 words using a range of literature to identify an issue in education and suggest policy changes to overcome or mitigate this issue
By using the article 2
Relates to the conceptual approach of intersectionality.
Has a broad correspondence to the discipline of Education Studies. Article 2 (focuses on Intersectionality/ Gender and Education)
Ames, P (2013) “Constructing new identities? The role of gender and education in rural girls’ life aspirations in Peru”, Gender and Education 25 (3): 267-283. DOI:https://doi.org/10.1080/09540253.2012.740448
please note: a critical review of an article (the article is above) to support the emerging analysis of the research article.
*(I have attached a draft of task 1 where you can fill out each section by answering the question) this is much easier when doing the 1,000 words. Once the draft is completed, you ca,n join up all your written answers on a different document, and task 1 is completed.
I have attached task 2 in the uploaded files, where there will be an easy breakdown of each section and what to include in your writing.
PLEASE NOTE: if you need any more resources, I will try my very best to find everything that my lecturer has posted for us to use. Thank you

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