Directions: You are to submit a 2-page paper that tie in a current event news article (protests) that relates something happening presently in the Texas state government or Texas politics with what we’ve learned in this course. (Crime, Corrections, & Public Safety)
You are to demonstrate an understanding of the themes and importance of the courses topics and how they are related to the political world.
Articles are to be about the TEXAS STATE GOVERNMENT. Not the governments of other nations or anything else. Articles that involve the US government with respect to the Texas government might be permitted. When in doubt, ask me about another article. Essays are to be written in 3rd person and objectively. No opinion pieces!
Details: Your article needs to be cited properly in MLA. Articles can go as far back as 2020, must be from a reputable news source(texas tribune), and can be found online.
The first page is to discuss the main points of the article in a summary:
Who is the article by?
What is the main issue?
The second page is to explain precisely how this article is related to the powerpoints:
What topic is it connected to?
How does it relate to the topic?

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