Each student is required to read and abstract eight articles throughout the course. You must use a minimum of four different publications and all articles should be published after January 2018.
When creating your abstracts, please list the publication in the following manner (this is the only acceptable format). Note that the headings are in bold type and should appear in the same manner when you submit the abstract. Include the headings on your abstract.
Author: Title: Publication or Internet Site: Date: Volume or Issue.
Body: This is your summary of the article. It is to contain the main points of the article and should represent what the authors are saying about the topic. It needs to be long enough to cover the content of the article.
Assessment: This is a sentence or more with your evaluation of the article. You may wish to compare it to lecture, the text, or voice your opinion about the information. Be sure to support your case if you decide to side with or against the authors.
If no author is listed by the magazine/site, then state “No Author” when doing your abstract. For Volume or issue, if none are listed you should list the month in which the article was published. For articles taken from the internet, you must supply a url.
Abstracts submitted with a publication date prior to 2017 will receive a score of 0. If not date is indicated, a score of “0” will be posted.
You may use internet sites and resources to find your abstracts. If you chose to do so, be sure to check your sources carefully. The restrictions found in #2 above still apply. Also, you will need to supply the URL with your abstract so that it can be traced. Use caution in that you are abstracting articles and not abstracts. In order to be accepted for an abstract, you must be abstracting an article. If the URL does not lead to the actual abstract, you will receive a”0″ for the abstract since it is not available to the instructor. Use caution with your URL’s. If you are using findarticles.com, the url given may not actually lead to the article….be sure you check it.

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