Ethics Position Essay Examination, due online via Blackboard by 11:59pm Friday 6 May 2022 PH103 Ethics
Fisher College, Spring term 2022 Eric Michael Dale, PhD
Please follow ALL of these instructions:
1. Type and paste your submission into the Blackboard text submission box, or upload your exam as a .wpd, .doc, .docx, or
.pdf using the Blackboard upload system.
2. If you simply upload a file I have to download and open, I will delete it.
3. If you attach an Apple pages or Google docs link or file, I will delete it.
4. SafeAssign, our plagiarism software, has to be able to read your submission before I read it.
5. Can you see a SafeAssign Submission report after your submission? If you can’t, you are about the fail your assignment.
6. If SafeAssign can’t read it, I won’t read it, and you haven’t submitted your work.
7. If I have to download it, I won’t read it, and you haven’t submitted your work.
8. This exam is being given on the honor code: you cannot work together on it. This is ethics – practice some.
9. All answers should be typed, double or single spaced, with reasonable margins, and 10, 11, or 12 font.
10. If you Google to get your answers, I can Google to get your answers, too. Don’t do this.
1. Final Position Essay Question: We studied a lot of ethical theories this semester, and had a lot of discussion of how they should be applied with various issues. As we read them and discussed them, one of them stood out to you – perhaps Kant, perhaps some form of egoism, maybe the social contract, or utilitarianism, maybe one of the others. This final position essay is like the first one we had at the beginning of the term, but now I want you to apply what you’ve learned.
Which one of the approaches to ethics we’ve studied this semester (Kant, Utilitarian, Aristotle, etc.) seems to you to be the right one? Why? What makes it superior to the others? Use one of the following issues to argue in favor of your position. In other words, how does your chosen ethic (Kant, Mill, Aristotle etc.) give the best ethical answer to one of the following topics?:
1. Should I cheat on this exam?
2. If something is legal, does that make it moral?
3. You find $50 on an empty bus seat. No one else is near the empty seat. What should you do?
4. Julia’s best friend has turned against her and is now organizing other girls to bully and isolate her. What can Julia do?
5. Is reporting wrongdoing an act of heroism or betrayal?
Remember, I want you to use the ethics we’ve studied this semester to answer these questions. I don’t care about your personal opinions; I do care about your thoughtful analysis.
Write one essay of approx. 600-800 words (with MSWord, go to Review -> Word Count to see how many you’ve got).
This exam will give you the chance to think on your own about the importance of ethics. It isn’t the sort of exam you could write from your notes alone – you’ll have to sit down and think about this.
I have enjoyed the term and I look forward to reading your answers.

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