Everyone will write an essay on the article on Buddhist Economics which we will discuss in class.
This essay is due on Monday February 28. 2022
In your essay on Buddhist Economics, you must state the difference between modern economics and Buddhist economics, the relationship between wealth accumulation and human labor, surplus value and surplus labor.
What is the purpose of work in Buddhist economics?
What do you think about Professor Galbraith argument on work in ‘An Affluent society’?
Modern economics is concern with consumption while Buddhist economics is concern with liberation. Discuss.
Why modern economics is prone to violence? In what way ‘simplicity and non-violence are closely related’?
Why production from local resources for local needs is the most rational way of economic life?
Your essay should be at the very least three pages and should consist of information ONLY from the article on Buddhist economics and class discussion. Please do not go to any other source for information. If you do your grade will be reduced. Follow the instructions carefully .

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