Feedback from prfessor 4/27/22 2:03 AM
See comments and feedback in paper:
Grades below are only for the methodology section as due for this assignment
•;Introduction (1 point): 0 No methodology intro present. Need to add methodology
• Research Design (2 points): 2
• Sample and Sampling (3 points): 2.5
• Research Setting/Context (2 points): 1.5
• Data Collection (3 points): 1.5
• Instruments (3 points): 2
• Data Analysis (4 points): 3
• Ethical considerations (2 points): 2
See attached file and feedback. And make adjustment.
Compiling Summative State of the Science paper
students must take the papers that they have gotten feedback on and address the feedback.
Incorporate the suggested corrections and edits from that feedback (this will be part of the grade for this assignment).
*. Cover sheet
will early HPV education and vaccination prevent HPV related cancers
(need to specify HPV cancers (i.e cervical cancer, etc in the researh paper )
*. Background
Introduction of the research problem/question
Problem Statement
Specific amin
Hypothesis (if applicable)
*. Introduction (Per Professor request, need to add intro of our methodology method)
* Literature review
Compilation of all application articles reviews for the research
*Theoretical Framework
DATA and Samples MUST be in USA

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