Final Assignment (35%)
Write a paper (5-7 pages excluding references and appendices) describing a simulated or actual case study) about the care of an older adult experiencing a specific nursing diagnosis (NDx) due to a health or wellness need for an older adult man or woman experiencing a prevention, treatment, survivorship, or end-of-life need focused on a specific type of cancer. Any setting is acceptable (home, hospital, outpatient clinic, rehab setting, primary care, nursing home, hospice or palliative care setting). An evidence basis is required in each section. The textbook (Miller, 2019) and/or NANDA, NIC, and NOC inclusive publications can be used but at least 4 other current (all references are to be within last 5 years) articles are required. Relevant and reliable websites are acceptable, but they are in addition to the required 4 articles. Provide a sufficient description of the case that leads clearly and specifically to the chosen NDx. Discuss how the case and nursing care reflect Miller’s FC Model. Describe narratively the care (Nursing Interventions and activities) received – discuss at least two specific Nursing Interventions (NI) and approximately 5 activities in each Intervention. Identify the expected outcomes of care and discuss the specific nursing sensitive outcome measures (NO). Provide an evaluation of the care (either anticipated/simulated or actual). Close with a summary, conclusions, and recommendations for the future. The reference list and appendices are to be included. All areas of the paper are expected to have an evidence-basis. All components of the paper (including references and appendices) will demonstrate application of the APA Publication Manual style. See the assignment grading worksheet for specific headings and point allocation. The maximum grade for this assignment is 100% which will contribute 35% to the final course grade.

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