Final Paper ideas:
“will you be writing about a country, countries, society, deliver, finances? Will it be from a sociological or health (public or global health) epidemiological perspective? Are there trends that you discovered?
There are 7 sections: Introduction, Health definition, Key components. Resources, Healthcare models, Financing healthcare delivery, and conclusion
Expectations are for 10 pages, uses Times New Roma Font 12
Introduction: 10%
5 sections: total 10% each for 50%
Conclusion: 20%
APA/References and in text citations: 10%
Grammar :10%
Here is an example of how to set up your paper using your 5 discussion Board Paper Assignments I gave suggestions under each section below
And examples of APA formatting for a book and for an article. Please frame your paper as below. I look forward to reading your papers!!!! It has been a joy to be with you all in cass, good luck on your final exams that are coming up!
Health Care Systems
This paper will refer to the GLH Health Care Systems learning out comes.
What is health and how is it defined?
In this section I will discuss my knowledge of the definition of health.
Key Components
Describe the key components (factors) of a health care system and define the function and goals of a health care system within a society or a country, or part of a country??.
In this section I will discuss my knowledge regarding the key components of……??? System or country…
Describe (human-people) resources in health care delivery and the role of education, policy, and economy is considered in sustaining a healthcare workforce.
In this section I will discuss my knowledge regarding resources available and/or not available to the XXXXX society….or XXXXXcountry…
Healthcare Delivery Model
Describe a model for delivery of healthcare in a high-resourced country, a middle-resourced country, and a lowered-resourced country.
In this section I will discuss my knowledge regarding the society with XXXX country where is the high….middle….low resources ….
Financing Healthcare Delivery
Identify and describe models for financing healthcare delivery across the globe.
Finally, in this section I will discuss the model for financing the health care delivery across the globe….world…nation…
In conclusion I discovered that health care systems around world is complex

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