For this assignment you will attend an online classical music concert and write a review on the music and your experience. I’ve linked the rubric and guidlines for the assignment, along with a sample of a review the professor provided us with.
The link below will take you to a website with the concert to attend
The only source you have to provide is a picture or screenshot of you watching the concert to show your attendance.
Some extra tips for the format of the essay are as follows:
-Your introduction should “set the scene” – talk about your experience while walking into the concert or just give a general overview of the concert. Avoid simply listing every piece being performed.
-The body of the paper is where your music knowledge will come in. State your opinion of the piece, and then go into why you feel that way, using terms and ideas learned in class (melody, harmony, rhythm, what style period the music is from, etc.)
-Your conclusion should wrap up your thoughts. Give your overall opinion of the concert, maybe say if you would attend another concert by that ensemble/ performer again.

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