Headline for the Current Situation: Waymo is using its technology to disrupt and innovate in the US Market
[Start with the current situation analysis.]
[Provide supporting evidence for your Situation headline in
the paragraphs that follow the headline. Include information that is factual
and non-controversial.
[Include at least 3 pieces of high impact supporting
evidence from high-quality sources. Cite your sources on each page using the
Chicago Manual Style of citations.]
[Write paragraphs that are concise and to the point. For
ease of reading for your audience, limit your paragraphs to less than 8 lines
of text and your sentences to 25 words or less. If you choose to use bullet points, ensure
that they convey complete meaning and are under 2 lines.]
[Strive for a neutral, professional, executive tone.
Avoid directive or opinionated language.]

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