Hi. Thank you for helping me. This essay is also as same as the previous essay. Utilize the information provided to explain the reason” Why do women live longer than men?” (Only use the file I provide for you. Do not use any source)
These are my instructor’s requirements:
– In a 5- paragraph essay, utilize the information provided by Thomas Perls and Ruth Fretts to explain the reasons why women live longer than men.
– Focus on your language, grammar, and essay formation skills. You will be graded on your ability to effectively synthesize and utilize evidence to support your writing.
– Use a minimum of six (6) in-text citations. Use MLA in-text citation formatting- do not plagiarize. Remember to use synonyms and paraphrase.
– You do not need to include a Works Cited page.
– Introduction and conclusion can be shorter than usual, but make sure to include their required components.
– Length: at least 1000 words, use at least 6 pieces of evidence.
This is just my ESL class. So, do not use too much-advanced vocabulary

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