I attached the assignment sheet and a file of me starting to make an outline for the essay.
This is the video that we watched in class to write the essay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOJ3r0OqItw&ab_channel=ClassicalMuseum
For citations, the teacher previously accepted me just putting in hyperlinks to the sources I used. On my previous paper that I got a 98 on, I only used one source other than the one that was provided by the teacher.
The final product should be a 5-8 page paper with a page for citations. It does not necessarily need to reach 5 pages but it is more of an idea of how in depth he would like our discussion on the topic.
Overall, our professor wants to know how we feel about removing the artist from the art they make. Like if an artist assaults someone in public and gets cancelled on social media, should we still listen to their music?

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