I would like this outline paper topic to be on: “Culture Influence on Romantic Relationship”
Please come up with 2 research questions.
Outlines will be in traditional outline format, using Roman numerals for major sections, capital letters for major sub-sections, and then Arabic numbers for details (if provided). Major section may be keywords (e.g., “Introduction and Rationale” and “Synthesis of Scholarship”). Sub-sections and any additional detail should be presented in full sentences. The last page will be the References page to be used in the Literature Review term paper. Outlines will range from 1-2 pages plus 1 References page.
Literature Review Outline Template
Your paper will include the following sections in your paper: 1) Introduction; 2) Synthesis of Scholarship; 3) Theoretical Discussion; and 4) Conclusion.
a) Attention getter
b) Rationale. What is significance/importance of topic you’re covering to communication scholars, practitioners, and/or the general public?
c) Research Questions
d) Areas of research you will be investigating, including the specific topic
e) Preview of following sections
f) Transition to the next section of the paper.
Synthesis of Scholarship
a) Introduction of the organizational scheme you will be using for the themes and/or variables that you have found in your research.
b) Preview of the themes/ variables.
i. Theme/ Variable 1
ii. Theme/ Variable 2
iii. Theme/ Variable 3
d. Transition to the next section of the paper.
Theoretical Discussion
a) Present Theory(ies)
i. Name and Define Theory.
ii. Give a 1-2 sentence explanation of how it applies to your topic area.
b) Transition to the next section of the paper.
a) Evaluation of Research
b) Recommendations for Future Research
c) Review main points and the exigency of the topic.

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