I would like you to begin by visiting the following websites for a listing of possible topics, (Please, do not Google for topics). There is countless of social/ethical issues to consider here in the US and abroad. In fact, you can narrow down your search by country. Remember, these are just a few of the hundreds of websites for you to explore. Your goal is to research and write an essay that analyzes some issue, which addresses social injustice, or some ethical issue. Your essay must take a position and offer an insight on an issue into which you are inquiring. Moreover, the purpose of your essay should be to prove or convince your reader/audience that this insight is true or valid. Your sources must include at least 3 scholarly, academic article, and
two more readings from such sources as magazines that relate to your topic. One of these articles may provide a possible theoretical frame to your topic. You may also use any other credible source materials as secondary sources, e.g. newspapers, visuals, and so forth. In addition, yes, you must cite all websites used. All work must be in MLA format. This project should be 5-8 pages long, not including your Works Cited Page.

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