In this essay you need to use an article from the course reading list as a starting point, and address the following areas with a transnational lens:
• Overview – Who is the target population? What contextual factors impacted on their migration? (Think about the social/economic/political context of the home country)
• Migration patterns – What is the pattern of their movement? What factors have determined their migration pattern?
• Transnational activities – What transnational practices do they engage in? (i.e. social, cultural, religious, political, familial aspects); How do these transnational practices cross-borders? How do these practices affect their lives?
• Conclusion – How has a transnational lens enabled a better understanding of your topic?
Key assessment criteria:
• – You written essay should be approximately 2500 words in English.
• – You are expected to engage with a wide range of academic and scholarly
material as you undertake research for your essay. At least one of the articles
referenced in your essay MUST come from the course reading list.

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