Instructions: You will need to do an in-depth literary search on the topic in order to create a fully-developed response. You will need to include in-text citations and a references list for external references used in supporting your points for this question. You should have no fewer than 7 references for your response to this particular question, 4 of which must be from peer-reviewed sources.
corporations are viewed as moral agents accountable for their conduct to their
employees, investors, suppliers, and customers. The organizational culture
often reflects one of two dimensions – either a concern for people demonstrated
through the organization’s efforts to care for its employees’ well-being or
concern for performance—the organization’s efforts to focus on productivity. Do
either or both approaches support corporate social responsibility? What are
common mistakes business leaders make when designing and implementing a
corporate social responsibility plan?
Has to be 2100 words not including abstract and literary review

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