Lesson Plan Instructions:
Each student will plan and submit a lesson plan, based on one aspect of English syntax, for a specific group of ESL/EFL students (if you are unfamiliar with common grammar problems of, for example, Spanish-speaking ELLs, simply google “common English grammar problems for Spanish speakers”). The lesson should address one small, specific area of difficulty in learning English grammar that the language group’s target learners typically face (for example, lessons that address one difficulty in the English article system common amongst speakers of Spanish or Chinese; word order problems in English that some Arabic speakers exhibit; problems common to Vietnamese speakers in using one or two particular English prepositions; etc.).
The lesson should be planned for one 45- to 60-minute instructional period and should include any handouts, as appropriate, for student practice and student production (“production” refers to more communicative use of the grammar point). The lesson plan will be assessed for: 1) the clarity and completeness of the plan (4 points); 2) opportunity for student practice of the grammar point in focus (4 points); 3) opportunity for more “communicative” use of the grammar point (4 points); and 4) opportunity for teacher assessment of student learning (informal assessment only) and re-teaching, as necessary (3 points).

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