Lively Conversation is a crucial part of this course! It allows you to formulate thoughts about the reading, explore ideas, make connections with classmates, and discuss and deliberate with each other.
You are responsible for participating in Lively Conversation before midnight on the due dates. Your first posts will each respond to the readings and should be at least 250 words apiece (that’s 2 substantial paragraphs; more is fine, less is not). Please write your post in paragraph form, using at least two separate paragraphs. You have some options for what to post each time:
Analyze the key ideas of the day’s readings, then respond to them with your own thoughts. If there is only one reading or video, then obviously you’ll respond to that one. If there are two or more readings/videos, please respond to at least two.
Analyze the key ideas of at least two of the day’s readings, and connect them to examples from popular culture, an example from another class, and/or a personal experience of your own.
Compare two or more of the day’s readings with each other. What cuts across them? Where do they differ?
No matter which option you choose, please be sure to use 3 to 5 direct quotes from the reading(s) in each post, and be sure to cite all direct quotes by putting the author’s name and page number in parentheses, like this: (Smith 24). You might also consider ending each post with a question for your classmates (this will help get you talking to each other).
In your second post, instead of writing about readings, you will respond thoughtfully to at least three of your classmates’ posts; your replies should be at least 100 words apiece (that’s about 1 substantial paragraph). In your responses to classmates, you may agree, disagree, take their argument further, share a related quote, and/or say what you might add to their ideas. Please say something more than “good job!” Responses to classmates are key to your score each week, so don’t forget them!
You may post Lively Conversations anytime during the week before each due date, but late posts will not be accepted unless you get an extension from me in advance.
Lively Conversation will be graded based on completion (did you complete the assignment goals, fulfill the minimum word limit, use 3 to 5 direct quotes from the readings, cite all sources, and post on time?), thoughtfulness of your posts, understanding of the readings, thoughtfulness of your responses to classmates, and the clarity of your writing. They will not be graded based on whether I personally agree with your opinion.
I encourage you to use these conversations to explore ideas, seek to understand something about the readings, make connections to your own experiences, and extend the authors’ argument to different contexts. Your posts should avoid plain-old “ranting” (e.g., going off on a tangent about the issue without engaging with the reading’s argument and perspective, or angrily rejecting a reading’s ideas out of hand without logical support).

Racialized, Gendered, and Sexualized Labor in the Global Economy

Transnational Production and Globalization

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