Unit 9 Writing Assignment: The Failure and Impact of the Crusades
Chapter 12 (p. 428 – 460)
Documents on the Sack of Constantinople
Byzantium: Tale of Three Cities – Constantinople
Instructions for this assignment:
For this essay, explain why and how the Byzantine Empire is linked to the history of the Crusades, and the impact of the Crusades on this Empire.
Three sources will be critical for writing this, and it is best only to use them! Avoid websites with quick and easy answers that don’t require any thinking. First, and most importantly, the essay can be constructed using our book, Chapter 12, “Western Europe and Byzantium, 1000-1500”, p. 428- 460. Second, look over the documents (primary sources!) concerning the sack of Constantinople (the capital of Byzantium) during the Fourth Crusade and incorporate them. Lastly, view the documentary “Byzantium: Tale of Three Cities – Constantinople.”
Writing Guidelines:
The essay should be about 800 words.
Write in complete sentences and pargagraphs.
Please cite your sources internally using parenthetical citations or footnotes, and include a complete bibliography at the end of your paper.
Introducing materials from other sources risks plagiarism and should be avoided.
Please see the format guidelines contained in your syllabus. There are also links to formatting information for APA, MLA, Chicago Style, and Turbian.
Be original – All papers submitted in this class are reviewed via Turnitin.com, a proprietary software database that identifies unoriginal material in papers. Please review the syllabus statement regarding the penalty for plagiarism. Your instructors will provide you with additional information.
Refer to the Guidelines for Writing your Essay for additional writing assignment criteria
Submit your citations and bibliography within your paper. Everything should be saved and submitted in one document.
File Submissions: Please submit your file as a .docx
Once you have completed the writing assignment, please attach and submit your assignment here.

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