Paper #2: Literary Analysis Essay
Description: Writing a Literary Analysis essay will help you examine and evaluate a text by connecting it to another course text. To support your thinking in this essay, you will be able to conduct research by locating an additional outside source or peer-reviewed article while offering personal reflection not only on the topic at hand but also on the process of doing research. By immersing yourself into the topic, you will be taking analysis and interpretation a step further as you describe your own personal connection to the discussion of your ideas through research.The goal of this essay assignment is to create an active relationship to the subject matter and ideas of your first paper, while you are now offering more extensive personal research and reflection, and, perhaps, experience as well. Therefore, you should write about a topic that you find important or meaningful.
Pages: 5-7
Format: MLA 8th Edition, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, page numbers, double-spaced.
MLA in-text citations
Works Cited section (two course texts, one outside source(s))
Your essay should include:
Original thoughts and ideas
Writer’s position
Thesis or argument
Evidence to support and explore thinking
Interpretation and analysis
MLA formatting
Outside Source:!po=0.568182
This is just a suggested guide to help you outline and structure your paper!
*Paper #2, Literary Analysis Essay = 2 course texts, 1 outside source*
Introduction Paragraph with Thesis Statement [full pg. 1 – top of pg. 2]
Background Information Paragraph (topic, socio-cultural forces, theme, author info) [pg. 2]
Summary Paragraph (summary of text(s)) [pg. 2 – top of pg. 3]
Theme/Literary Theory Paragraph (1 literary theory, 1 element as tied to the theme of text) [pg. 2 – pg. 3]
Body Paragraphs (textual evidence, analysis, interpretation, responding to thesis) [pgs. 3-5]
Conclusion (one conclusion paragraph that includes personal reflection & connections) [pgs. 5-6]
Works Cited page [final page of essay, pgs. 7]
*substantial paragraphs for literary analysis essays/papers can be 10-20 sentences in length*

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