This assignment is intended to help you learn to do the following:
Develop an understanding of professional communication within and across fields.
Develop your collaborative writing skills.
Practice writing and rhetorical analysis strategies across audiences and genres.
Hone digital writing skills.
For project presentations, you have been assigned small groups. Group members have also been individually partnered up for a one-on-one peer review. Follow the instructions below to complete your peer review.
Remember, through peer review, you should be aiming to develop your theory of effective professional writing. By providing feedback on your peer’s proposal, you should gain valuable perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of your own project.
Action Items
Check your email or other announcement to find your partner assignment from your instructor.
Exchange completed or near completed drafts of your proposal before the scheduled group presentation.
Read your partner’s draft proposal and provide the following:
Grounded comments (in the right margin) that direct your partner’s attention to specific considerations related to particular passages or elements of the proposal.
A summative comment at the end of the Word document that provides a clear review of the general strengths and weaknesses of the draft, as well as suggestions for how the draft might be revised.
A completed Proposal Assessment Framework. This assessment framework is designed to ensure that you provide commentary on all of the central aspects of professional writing for your partner.
By Thursday, send a marked-up Word copy of your partner’s proposal, as well as the completed assessment framework, to your partner.
By Sunday, submit your marked-up MS Word copy of your partner’s proposal, as well as the completed assessment framework for grading.
Conduct your meeting with your partner to discuss your feedback.

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