Read the following persuasive essay marked and write a 600-word analysis of the essay’s main ideas and writing strategies. Underline your thesis statement. Your essay must demonstrate critical thinking and be written coherently,
observing grammatical, mechanical, and stylistic conventions. Your paper must include at least one paragraph on each of the following:
Summary (one paragraph)
Identity the author and the title of the essay, and then provide a brief summary of the essay’s key ideas. What are the author’s primary and secondary argumentative claims? Conclude with your THESIS, which may be written as one or more
sentences. Your thesis will have two parts
• A statement of the essays main point
• A statement of the essav’s eftectiveness as a persuasive essav
Analysis (more than one paragraph)
Discuss how the author supports his or her argumentative claims through any of the following types of appeals:
• Appeal based on logic. Discuss the essay’s process of reasoning. Identify the types of evidence presented in support of the essay’s claims, and give examples (e.g. personal experience, facts & statistics, expert testimony, anecdotal evidence,
examples from historv or current events. etc.
• Appeal based on emotion. Discuss how the essav appeals to readers emotions (needs, fears, feelings, beliefs/values, and sympathies).
• Appeal based on author’s character/credibility. Consider his or her word choice, selection of evidence, presentation of credentials or personal expenence, presentation of opposing viewpoints, etc
Discuss the methods of development used by the author in constructing the essay’s argument (e.q. cause & ettect, comparison/contrast, classification, definition, description. illustration. narration. process analvsis). and aive examples
Utilizing the information presented in the analysis, construct a detailed evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the essay as a persuasive argument aimed at a specific audience
• In assessing the effectiveness of the essay, be sure to
• Reasonable arguments
• Emotional Appelas
• Authors credibility

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