See attatched for the full prompt. I need a 3 page paper on how the 2 attatched relate to eachother on the discussion of happiness.
Write a
3-5 page response to the following:
Choose two articles from two different authors (from
the Unit 4 selections); discuss how they are related to one another and to the
thematic topic of this unit (happiness).
HINT: Create a thesis (answer the question). Summarize each article with evidence that
supports the issue. Include quotations from each article to support your
conclusion and thesis.
Be sure
to include many well-developed
examples to defend your assertion/opinion. Avoid first-person statements, such
as “I think” or “in my opinion.” Be assertive with your ideas! The
majority of your examples should come from the articles. You may also use information from the other
articles/outside sources to defend your position. You may not use the articles
we compared in class.
FORMAL REQUIREMENTS: This paper should be typed,
double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, in 12-point, Times New Roman font. Be sure
to include a proper heading (your name, my name, the course, the date in the
upper left-hand corner of the first page only) and header (your last name and
the page number in the upper right-hand margin of every page). Your paper
should have a dynamic title (that is, something other than “Paper #2”).
You need a completed Works Cited page and correct in-text citations.

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