) Select what you consider to be an important quote from Act 4, Scene 3. Provide the quote in full. Then paraphrase it – in your own words (not those of the translation in the “NoFear” textbook that I recommended).
NOTE: Paraphrasing is not quite the same as summarizing.
After paraphrasing, explain how the speech you selected either reveals a character’s personality and inner self, or connects to one of the play’s important themes. Here is an example of the kind of response I am looking for:
Quote: “To be or not to be…” (3.1.57-91).
Paraphrase: “To continue to live or to die.”
Explanation: These are the first lines of Hamlet’s most famous soliloquy. The speech reveals character because it shows how deeply Hamlet is hurting inside and how confused he is. He is so depressed that he is contemplating suicide, asking if it is better to continue to “be” (that is, to exist) or to “end” his “sea of troubles,” as he calls them, by killing himself. The speech also points to the theme of death that arises throughout the play. Hamlet’s father’s death has caused him to deal with the fact of human mortality for the first time in his life, and he broods here about the meaning of both life and death.
You need to do a well-developed response such as this one to get full credit.
(2) Do the same for Scene 4.
(3) Do the same for Scene 5.
Please answer in complete sentences as I have shown above, not in chart or bullet-point form.

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