Sociological Analysis of Media
This assignment is to show you that sociology can be applied to just about anything. It will also illuminate the norms of the subtle way are reinforced in our society.
Choose ANY one media source (a book, a movie, song lyrics, a television show) and discuss 7 depictions of sociological terms, concepts, and/or theories that we have talked about throughout the semester. The beginning of your paper should include the name of the media source and a brief description of it. Then you should have 7 short paragraphs, each paragraph should consist of:
1. The sociological theme you found (and underline it),
2. The definition/description of this sociological theme.
3. An example of how this sociological theme can be applied to your media source.
This assignment should be typed, double-spaced, with a 12-point font.
It might be helpful to skim through your textbook as a refresher prior to completing this assignment. Do NOT give me a plot summary! You need to discuss characters, scenarios, etc that can serve as an example of a sociological theme. For example, you might read that a character in your book does something deviant or criminal. Find a theory of deviance that explains why this character commits deviance or crime. You might see that a character in your movie does something that is a stereotypical gender role (a woman cooking dinner, a man mowing the lawn, etc). How does this portrayal reinforce gender norms in our society? Is this portrayal more a reflection of the Conflict Theory (that gender roles create inequality) or the Functionalist Theory (that gender roles help society function smoothly)? Your goal in this paper is to illustrate to me that you can apply what you have learned in this class.
Expecting quality work done with quality time, the number of days given to finish this assignment is enough. Anything besides quality work is not approved. READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.

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