Students will need to formally interview a social worker who works in a rural setting. This interview would be done in person or with permission only by telephone. .In Part I of this assignment, the student will first
present an overview of the agency in which the interviewee is employed. This overview will include
type of agency and all services provided by the agency.In Part II of this assignment, the student will interview the worker selected. The criterion for this assignment is on D2L in the discussion board section for the course.
Here is another thought here about our mid-term assignment. Someone asked about how many pages this assignment should be, and my thinking is that if you do the assignment–get a good overview of the agency, such as its history, vision/mission, services provided to fulfill the mission and vision of the agency, and then on top of that you are interviewing a social worker and you are taking the time to go into some depth with them–I don’t see how this can be done in less than four pages.

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