Submit your responses to the following prompts.
market-research firm was hired to determine the percentage of people in a
market area who would purchase a client’s magazine if a door-to-door sales
campaign were undertaken. The firm stated that 40% would buy if contacted
at home. Suppose the marketing company has tried the sales campaign at 300
randomly selected homes. (150–225 words, or 2–3 paragraphs)
the market research was done properly and the 40% is representative, how
many sales are expected if the publisher attempts to sell to 5,000 homes?
the market research was accurate, what is the probability that fewer than
100 individuals will buy? Use the normal approximation to the binomial.
that the publisher actually sells the magazine to 70 people out of the
300 contacted. What would you conclude about the market research? About
the campaign?
steel mill produces alloy sheets used for the bodies of automobiles. The
mill produces sheets with an average thickness of 0.517 inches and a
standard deviation of 0.037 inches. A new car model requires alloy sheets
between 0.495 and 0.525 inches thick. What percentage of the sheets made
by the mill will be suitable for the new car model? Explain your answer.
(75 words, or 1 paragraph)
The VP
of HR for a large company is interested in the distribution of sick-leave
hours for employees at the company. A recent study revealed that the
distribution was consistent with a normal model, with a mean of 58 hours
per year, and a standard deviation of 14 hours. An office manager of one
division believes that during the past year, two of the division’s
employees have taken excessive sick leave. One took 74 hours and the other
used 90 hours. What would you conclude about the division manager’s claim,
and why? (75 words, or 1 paragraph)
month, an American household generates an average of 28 pounds of
newspaper for garbage and/or recycling. Assume this is approximately
normally distributed and that the standard deviation is 2 pounds. If a
household is selected at random, find the probability of it generating
between 27–31 pounds per month. (75 words, or 1 paragraph)
Note: For each prompt, be sure to reference at
least one scholarly source to support your answer. Use the Template provided to
complete this assignment.

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