The agency is Dekalb County Police Department located in Dekalb GA
The second task is to identify four (4) distinct standards of professional practice or (BEST PRACTICES) in each of the five sub-fields of public administration which have been chosen. These standards should be written in declarative sentence fashion and be documented as legitimate public administration standards by the provision of appropriate literature citations. The standards should lend themselves to measurement; in other words, they should be operational. For example, if Human Resource Management is one of the five sub-fields chosen, the author of the paper will list four standards of professional practice in that field. As an illustration, the author might want to select a standard pertaining to affirmative action and review the literature regarding this standard.
The third task is to apply these standards to the agency under evaluation. This may require the author to gather documents, testimony and other forms of primary evidence (at least 2 sources are required). In each case, the author of the paper should draw conclusions about the level of professional practice in the agency under evaluation. For example, after the application of the “affirmative action” standard to her agency, the author might conclude that the agency has a written, publicized, enforced and effective affirmative action policy. However, since no agency is perfect, as a general rule the researcher has to find and state the GAP between the practice and the ideal type – the best practice.
I. Administrative Law
a. Rule-making procedures
b. Rules on conflict resolution
c. Procedures for appealing the decisions
II. Human Resources Management
a. Employee Orientation
b. Compensation
c. Promotion
d. Performance Appraisal

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