The Great Gatsby Character Comparison-Contrast Literary Analysis Essay
Directions: In a well-developed essay, analyze a character from The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and compare the character to another character in a different text. The character could be from one of the following text types:
Another book
TV Show
Video game (only if it’s based on a story)
Short Story
Comic book/Graphic novel
In this essay, you will share your observations about a character in The Great Gatsby and compare that character to a character in something else. The goal of this type of essay is to help the reader understand the characters you chose as a whole.
Focus on going beyond the physical description of the characters and read between the lines to understand the mind of the characters. Think about the actions of the characters, what he/she says, what he/she thinks, how she/he reacts to different situations, and what other characters say about him/her to reveal who the character is as a whole.
Essay Requirements:
A clear thesis statement/claim in your introduction
Well-developed body paragraphs that support your claim with evidence and examples from both texts
Use a formal style and tone appropriate for your audience
Demonstrate that you understand and have read The Great Gatsby. Any incorrect information about what happens in the book will count against your grade on the essay
Accurate MLA in-text citations and Works Cited page with both texts listed
Must be submitted to by the due date
Due Date: The due date will be posted in Google Classroom. You will have 5 class periods to complete this essay.
The essay must be submitted to
The Great Gatsby Key Moments
Chapter 1:
We are introduced to Tom, Daisy, and Jordan on pages 9-19.
Daisy shares her feelings about her daughter on page 17.
Chapter 2:
Tom and Nick meet George Wilson at his car garage on pages 24-25.
Vivid description of Myrtle and George on page 25.
Myrtle meets Tom and Nick in New York city and they party on pages 27-38.
Tom hits Myrtle on page 37.
Chapter 3:
Nick and Jordan Baker hang out at Gatsby’s party on pages 43-53.
Nick meets Gatsby for the first time on pages 47-48
Vivid description of Jordan Baker’s personality on pages 57-59.
Chapter 4:
Nick sees Tom at the speakeasy in New York on page 74.
Jordan tells Nick about Daisy and Gatsby’s past on pages 74-79.
Chapter 5:
Daisy arrives to Nick’s for tea with Gatsby on page 85.
Daisy and Gatsby reunite on pages 87-96.
Daisy cries into Gatsby’s shirts on page 92.
Chapter 6:
Daisy and Tom go to Gatsby’s party. We see their reactions to the party on pages 104-111.
Gatsby and Nick’s conversation about the past on 109-110
Chapter 7:
Daisy introduces her daughter to Gatsby and Nick on pages 116-117.
Tom stops at George Wilson’s garage and finds out George and Myrtle are planning to move West on page 123.
George shares he found out something funny and wants to move west on page 124.
Nick describes how Tom is feeling after realizing he’s losing Daisy and Myrtle on page 125.
Tom confronts Gatsby and they argue on pages 126-134.
Daisy can’t tell Tom she never loved him on page 131.
Wilson tells Michaelis he has Myrtle locked up on page 136.
Wilson reacts to Myrtle’s death on pages 139-141.
Tom reacts to Myrtle’s death on page 141.
Chapter 8:
George Wilson discusses his passion for finding out who killed Myrtle and says “You may fool me, but you can’t fool God” on pages 157-160
George Wilson shoots Gatsby then shoots himself on page 162.
Chapter 9:
Nick plans Gatsby’s funeral at beginning of chapter 9.
Nick runs into Tom one last time and learns the truth about Gatsby’s death on pages 178-179.
Nick reflects on the green light and Gatsby pages 179-180

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