The historical approach: Select one text from unit 4 that is connected to a specific historical event, period, or mindset. Use 2-4 outside sources to relate the material in the text to the historical context. Be attentive to addressing the text you selected from unit 3 or 4 as much as you discuss the historical context. Don’t lose the text discussing the context!
-Nye’s texts explore what it is like to be born an American to immigrant parents, particularly from a group that had been dispersed from their homeland because of conflict. She looks at the stereotypes of Arabs as terrorists and counters that with care. She also reaches out to victims of violence.
How do different authors address terrorists attacks
Bsically, i want to talk about this story that was written by Nye about arab americans or in this case, the young girl growing up and having to be looked at in a bad way. Arabs have been known to be terrorists or harmful siince 9/11 and before that also but not everybody is the same. Basically, the concept is , dont judge a person from their peoples ways, give them a chance to actually be great without shutting them down. In this paper, i also want to talk about stereotypes as a whole and tie it all together to this story.

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