This assignment provides you an opportunity to learn from someone directly involved in criminal law. Watch or read an interview with the goal to learn something new and correct any of your misconceptions about criminal law.
You have an interview for a position as a paralegal with a local law firm. As part of your preparation, you want to learn about criminal law from the perspective of an active participant, so you are looking on the internet for a video or written interview to help you better understand this area of law. You are seeking as much help as possible to be prepared to answer questions posed in your job interview.
Locate and review a written or taped interview that was conducted with an active participant in criminal law (judge, attorney, etc.).
Write a 350-word summary of your reflections from the interview. Address the following questions:
What did you learn? (For example, consider what you may have learned about criminal law, the concept of crime, and criminal liability.)
What surprised you?
What impact did the interview have on your views of criminal law? What views were reinforced? Were any of your perspectives changed?
Cite the source of the interview.

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