Topic : Socal Media Regulations
Here some resources that might help. Outside resoures are also acceptable.
“What some reporters get wrong about the First Amendment”:
(Links to an external site.)
“Can Trump ban Wolff’s Fire and Fury?”:
(Links to an external site.)
Review Freedom on the Net 2021: The Global Drive to Control Big Tech:
Final Paper Assignment
Each student is expected to complete a final paper on a course relevant topic that incorporates the conceptual framework of the course that we learn week-in, week-out. The final paper is expected to be 4-6 page (1,200 to 2,000 words, not including references). Make sure to include citations from our readings (or outside sources as well if you want) and a work cited page for full credit!
I will grade your final papers primarily based on the extent to which you incorporate, analyze, integrate, synthesize, critique, challenge, expand, and personalize the ideas and arguments presented in course material and covered in course discussions throughout the term. Your final paper should not be a regurgitation or recital of course material; rather, I expect you will communicate how you personally engaged with and put into practice the concepts and contentions we covered in the course.
All written work must be typed, double-spaced, and error-free with pages numbered and uploaded to Canvas. It should be grammatically correct and professionally completed. Font should be 12 points – Time New Roman. Use of APA or APSA style is required.

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