Your essay should be:
1000-1,250 words long
fulfilling requirements outlined in the essay instructions
written in a clear, academic style
The literary critical approach to “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” by Joyce Carol Oates with the main focus on a historical
approach but may include:
Note: There are many more critical approaches than the ones listed here.
For this essay you will:
Develop a thesis that connects an aspect of your chosen literature to at least one critical approach.
Support your thesis by supplying pertinent evidence from the literature AND evidence from at least 3 valid secondary sources.
This paper should be at least 1000-1,250 words.
Some Topic Examples
Biographical and Historical Approach to “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?”: Examine Joyce Carol Oates’ inspiration for the story. (She wrote the story after reading about a serial killer.)
Source Details
You are required to use and document a minimum of four sources in this paper.
One of these sources should be the primary text(s) (short story or poem) you are discussing.
The other three (or more) sources should be secondary sources in which scholars or experts have written their interpretations and analyses of the texts or topics that are relevant to your argument.
Sources must be valid for college-level writing. Journal articles from the library databases should be used.
Additional sources can be any type (website, documentary, personal interview, etc.) as long as they are relevant and credible. Do NOT use Wikipedia,,,, etc.
Your paper and the Works Cited page MUST be submitted in the correct MLA format.
If your writing contains ANY plagiarism (if any source information is not credited to the source it came from), you will be given a ZERO on
the paper.
Final Tips
Don’t use a summary any more than you need to in order to make a point; assume your readers have already read the text; the summary should only be used as support and for clarity.
Don’t use 1st person “I” or “we” or the 2nd person “you” or “your” in your writing
Do make sure your work stays focused on discussing and proving the main argument made in the paper’s thesis.
Do make sure your work is in MLA format and your sources follow MLA guidelines.
Do proofread and edit carefully!

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