Your team is a part of retail division of a developer “Comercio” that own all shopping malls in
Hong Kong, except strata-titled shopping malls. Particular shopping malls of Comercio have
been doing extremely well, but a number of them have been falling behind. The top
management of Comercio hands out an important project to your team. Your mandate is to
identify one of the company’s shopping malls that needs improvement to attract more
customers visiting the respective mall. You need to carry out a detailed analysis and to propose
the strategies on how to change it into a successful one.
Shopping mall: APM mall in Hong Kong
-Propose whether a minor or major renovation/rehabilitation should be
undertaken and how long the time is needed for the renovation/rehabilitation
-please include “Rearrange tenants to expand IT space, Introduce more technology-oriented shops” as one of the renovations, and also come up with another one.
1. specific details on the renovation plan (where and what),
2. why we need to do it
3. what we need to pay for it (how long it last and the specific plan such as timeline of the plan )

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