Assignment description
For this assignment, you will be choosing a movie to analyze through the lens of interpersonal communication. You will write a 2-4 page paper discussing your movie.
You should do the following:
1. Submit the movie you wish to use for the Topic assignment.
2. Watch the movie and choose the information and theories from one chapter from the book to analyze the movie. For example, if I were choosing to discuss intercultural communication, I would be using the concepts and theories discussed in chapter 3 to discuss the movie.
3. Your paper should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. In the introduction, you should state which chapter you chose and why you chose that chapter. Do NOT include a plot summary as part of the paper. Points will be deducted if you include a plot summary in your paper.
The technical parts:
– An absolute minimum of two full pages of text (I recommend you type a couple of lines onto page three just to be safe)
– 12 point font, Times new roman, double space, 1 inch margins
– edit, edit, edit…it must be a clean copy, free of grammatical errors. If it looks like a rough draft I will treat it as such.
– A title page – do not type your name at the top of the first page of text as an attempt to take up space
– Three references are required for this assignment. One of them may be your textbook. Your movie is NOT to be used as one of your sources. Sources should be cited in APA 7th edition style. See the video in this folder for more information on APA 7th edition citations. Do NOT use a citation generator, as they often produce incorrect citations. If you choose to use a website like citation machine, you do so at your own risk. Points will be deducted for incorrect citations.

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