Comparison/Contrast Essay Checklist
1. Does your essay begin with a hook? If not, why? If so what is your hook?
2. What is the thesis statement?
3. Have the two things being compared been properly introduced or explained in the introduction? Yes or No: _____
What are they? ___________________________________________________
4. Does the introduction flow? Does each sentence relate in some way to the next one? Do the sentences seem to just be placed haphazardly together? Explain ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
5. Do the body paragraphs follow a logical pattern? Are the ideas communicated in a way that the reader can easily follow? Explain ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
6. Are the body paragraphs broken up in a way that makes for clear understanding? What changes would you suggest, if any? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
7. Are the topics used in each body paragraph supported well? Are there any significant details that were left out that could better support the essay? Was there any incorrect information or misleading statements?
8. Look back at question number 2. Do the body paragraphs adequately support the thesis statement? Make suggestions for change. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
9. Does the conclusion sum up the major points of the essay without using the exact same wording? Suggestions?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
10. Does the conclusion include a modified thesis/ focus statement? How is it different from the thesis statement in the introduction? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
11. Are at least 3 parenthetical citations added to the body of your essay? Yes or No ________
12. Concluding Paragraph: _____ I restate my thesis statement or incorporate the ideas from my thesis in the paragraph. _____ The conclusion strategies I used were: _________________________________________________________________ _____ I have checked each paragraph and made sure I don’t have fragments or run-on sentences. **CONVENTIONS C-Capitalization ______ ALL proper nouns such as names of products or articles cited are capitalized ______ The beginning of each sentence is capitalized ______ The letter I by itself is capitalized P-Punctuation ______ All sentences have an ending punctuation mark ______ All contractions are eliminated ______ Other punctuation marks such as commas, colons, and semicolons are used correctly S- Spelling _______ All words underlined in red are corrected _______ Any homophones like there/their/there used incorrectly are fixed CITING!! ______ ALL sources are in italics and capitalized ______ The first time an article is introduced, I have mentioned it. Example: According to the article, Cons of Advertising to Teens ______ After mentioning the article, I have included the citing at the end in parenthesis followed by a period.
Works Cited Page: Answer Yes or No
13. Was a works cited page completed and uploaded with your submission? ______
______ My works cited page was included in my rough draft.
______ There are at least 3 citations included in my works cited page.
______ My citations are alphabetized on the last page/works cited page.
______ I checked to see if the citations were formatted correctly.
You will grade yourself according to your findings. Please continue answer the following questions honestly:
14. _____ Did you complete your compare and contrast rough draft by the deadline? If not, why not? ___________________________________________________________________
_____ State your grade here. This grade should be based on your findings

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