Complete a paper that describes in detail a significant social justice issue that was/has been central to your client population, the resistance and social justice effort or movement that this created, advocacy efforts that took place, and policy creation or reform that was generated as a result of the movement/effort. For example, if you work with mothers in recovery from addiction, the social justice issue might have been: limited access to recovery options for mothers. If this is the case, there were likely some social justice/advocacy/policy efforts that took place to allow mothers to have access to additional resources and options where they could recover from addiction while caring for their children.
***Be sure that you have included citations for all of your sources throughout your paper and that you have cited them properly using APA format. Be sure that you have included a reference page at the end of your paper that provides the complete citation for each of the sources you use.
Your paper should include the following elements:
1) Brief Description of the Client Population: describe the client population as a whole, specifically highlighting important demographic information and characteristics of the client population at the time that the social justice issue was brought to light and the social justice effort or movement took place
2) Description of the Social Justice Issue: describe in detail the problem/social justice issue that was the focus of attention. Why was this a problem or issue for your client population? In what ways did this problem or issue restrict or violate clients’ rights and impact their lives?
3) Description of the Social Justice Effort/Movement: describe in detail the social justice effort or movement that took place to bring the problem/social justice issue to light, build public awareness/concern/outrage, and create change. What was the social justice effort or movement? When did it take place? Who led the effort and took part in it? What efforts and tactics did those who were involved employ to build awareness, advocate for, and create change?
4) Description of the Results of the Social Justice Effort/Movement, including Policy Creation/Reform: describe in detail what the results of the social justice effort/movement were. What did the people involved solve, gain, or change on behalf of the client population? What impact did their efforts have and how did these efforts improve the lives of the client population? What social welfare policies were created or reformed as a result of this effort and what impact did they have?

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