For this essay, we want you to consider one of the groups of so-called “invisible Romans” that we have studied this semester; that is, the members of Roman society whose individual stories for the most part are lost to us. These include women, soldiers, slaves, provincial Romans, and Christians. You will need to discuss the kinds of evidence that is available to us for studying these groups, as well as the kinds of evidence that we do NOT have and/or how the sources available are biased and/or cannot provide an accurate view of this particular group. Despite the limitations of the evidence, you should consider what we DO know and how we can attempt to understand their lived experiences. When possible, you should also consider how their roles in Roman society may have changed or been adapted over the course of Roman history – be sure to consider the whole of Roman history (or as much as possible given the evidence). So for example, even though we considered the role of women during the Republic in our course work, your essay should also consider how the role of women may have changed during the empire.

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