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for the essay you must use gale article and agree or disagree with it comparimg it to the
book things fall apart, but im not completly sure i tried to put all the infromation i can find
thank you 🙂
This written assignment is a persuasive writing research essay designed to enable you to
explores an element in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart.
It is a FORMAL, ACADEMIC response to agree or disagree with the author of the literary
criticism’s thesis. You have to decide whether the thesis is VALID or INVALID and
support your stance using textual proof from the literary criticism AND the novel, Things
Fall Apart. You must use both a primary source (Things Fall Apart) and a secondary
source (online Lit Crit) from the GALE database
There must be an introduction, conclusion, and as many arguments (body paragraphs)
as you deem necessary to prove your claims. The length is 750-1000 words
(approximately 3-4 pages, typed and double-spaced not including your Works Cited
page). Remember, QUALITY over QUANTITY. A MAX of 4 pages will be evaluated. Please
DO NOT go over 4 typed pages. The purpose of this assignment is for you to analyze a lit
crit and decide on its validity in a short and concise essay format
You are welcome to use your Things Fall Apart notes and responses in your arguments
and ideas.
There must be a properly MLA-formatted Works Cited page including your literary
criticism and the Things Fall Apart novel (therefore, two entries).
Instructions on how to find your literary
criticism for the Things Fall Apart Lit Crit
Step #1: Visit our school library site via the Databases and eResources link:
Step #2: Choose Academic OneFile or General OneFile to start and use duffpeel as the
Step #3: Simply write Things Fall Apart to start in the search window or conduct your
own search by topic.
Step #4: On the right side, choose “filter your results” and “document type” by selecting
“critical essay”. “Full Text”
Step #5: Continue to use the search windows to find a literary criticism on Things Fall
Apart based on a topic of your liking.
Step #6: You are able to save, email, highlight, have an audio read etc. of your lit crit.
Locate the author’s thesis and central or main arguments.
Step #7: Decide whether you are going to argue the author’s thesis is valid or invalid.
Design an outline and choose what your arguments are along with textual proof from the
play and lit crit.
Step #8: Make revisions and editing a final copy for submission. Do not forget to add a
Works Cited page at the end in proper MLA format for your essay. Use the following site
to help with MLA:

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