For this assignment, you will have access to SAS Studio and I will provide the login details once the order is accepted and you will be assigned the following tasks:
Create a SAS library.
Import files “firm1” and “firm2” (posted below) into SAS and create SAS datasets with the same names.
Sort SAS datasets “firm1” and “firm2” by variables “gvkey” and “fyear”.
Merge SAS datasets “firm1” and “firm2” by variables “gvkey” and “fyear”.
Using proc means create basic descriptive statistics (mean median, standard deviation, quartile 1, quartile 3, min max) for the variable “Dividends.”
Using proc univariate estimate percentile break points for the variable “Depreciation” and plot a histogram.
I will provide a step by step video on how to do all of the calculations from the professor himself and the necessary files to complete the course. The final copy must be in PDF.
SAS Step by Step Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JXeTBebG5DxKhr7-CUc0znn9Ubr-7rDq/view

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